The big debut of ecobuddy at The Milano Design Week

Around ten thousand visitors came to ‘A Casa Ovunque’, organised by The playful Living as part of the Milan Design Week that now traditionally accompanies the Salone del Mobile in Milan, which this year took place between 15 and 21 April.
And it was precisely in the spaces of ‘A Casa Ovunque’, in the Tortona area, in the 2024 edition dedicated to Human Technology, that ecobuddy made its debut, the bioplastics produced by the EcoSMed Social Cooperative, in partnership with the UNIME Engineering Department, Crossing srl, Birrificio Messina and the Messina Foundation within the framework of the LIFE RESTART project, co-financed by the European Union under the LIFE PROGRAMME.


The new bioplastics are made from a mix of biopolymers and brewing waste from the Messina Brewery and were on display at EcosMed’s ‘A casa ovunque’ stand: dried brewing waste, granules, the first prototypes of pots made, and a small 3D printer.
A set of elements that aroused great interest in the visitors, mainly designers, students, plastics processing companies, and commercial distributors who focused on the product’s characteristics and its future commercialisation.


During Milan Design Week, EcoSMed also had the opportunity to develop relations with other exhibitors and, in particular, to take stock with various stakeholders, with some of whom fruitful discussions have been open for some time.


And during those days, the Urban Vision Group had the opportunity to appreciate the characteristics and mission of ecobuddy, projecting its images on the large buildings in Milan and Rome, following its mission of reinventing urban spaces to transform them into lively environments where art, technology and sustainability come together to create a more inclusive and interactive future.