EcoSMed, test for the new machineries

Reuse of bEer SpenT grAin
foR bioplasTics

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At this stage, the EcosMed Social Cooperative, among other things, will manage the production of new bioplastics. They have worked on testing the most important machinery for processing the beer spent grain that will be installed in the warehouses of the former artisanal area of Roccavaldina, in the province of Messina.

This fine-tuning was necessary for tools that were specifically created for the ‘Zero Factory’ – which were not previously available on the market – and took place between Milan and Padua. «The tests provided a positive response, and the machinery will soon be sent to Roccavaldina for installation inside the warehouses, which will be completed within the next few months», emphasizes Marco Giunta of EcosMed.

Meanwhile, the renovation of the ‘Olivetti Pole’ headquarters is almost complete, where other companies will also be based: a pasta factory specializing in the production of ancient grains and a laboratory managed by one of Italy’s most promising young designers in 3D printing. He will install a robot, a prototype he invented, for 3D printing of objects.

After the restructuring and repurposing of the warehouses, the Pole will also host an advanced research center on bioplastics, pollution, and climate change processes. The research is already underway in a distributed manner. However, it will soon have a physical location in Roccavaldina, where a Fab Lab for the design and production of artifacts using the new bioplastics, will also be established.


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